Witchy Wedding

by Molly Sydnor

Halloween is my favorite Holiday by a long shot! As an artist and designer I can't think of anything I love more than making my costumes each year. Some of my favorite costumes include many Lady Gaga's, Jessie Pinkman, and Mugatu. This year, although I dressed as Frida Kahlo, I did not really consider it halloween as usual. I was swamped with travel, work, and family visiting. I did not have time to really get into the spirit of Halloween. 

Last minute I found out my good friend (basically my sister) was in town from Houston. I couldn't wait to move to Dallas because I knew I would be so close. However, I have not seen her since graduation! Hannah was in town and her sister was getting married! YAY weddings! Young Chan and I were so very fortunate to be invited to join in on the celebration. I was so excited, until I got home and realized I had absolutely nothing to wear to a fall wedding. 

This Little number will do!

Saturday morning I went through all of my mounds of left over fabric from college (yes I am a hoarder of fabric). I had a vision in mind of what I wanted and found some athletic fabric with lots of stretch an a soft sheen. It feels like butter! Jill Andrews of Jill Andrews Gowns in Baltimore made a dress for me to model last year with the most amazing sleeves of my life. That dress was the inspiration for this blue baby!

While watching Parks and Rec I draped this bad boy up. In a bit of a time pinch and panic I nearly ran out of fabric. Luckily I managed and luckily it fit. When I first tried it on Young Chan didn't seem very confident in the look of things. He tried to tell me I looked great but the hesitation told me otherwise. Eventually I got him to tell me it looked like pajamas, so back to the sewing machine I went. A few snips here, a few tucks there, I belted it up and we were out the door. Made it just in time for the wedding too and I tell ya I have never felt more confident than I did wearing this! I managed to get a few compliments on the dress, but I think it must have just been the flow of the thing that caught peoples eye. 

It was Halloween after all, so I tried to go for a sort of witchy look. I made that necklace right before we left as well. I think it tied the whole thing together pretty nicely.

Happy Halloween witches!