Last Weeks Adventure

by Molly Sydnor

What Happens In Vegas

Over Thanksgiving weekend, Young Chan brought me to Las Vegas to spend time with his family. It has been a little less than a year since we have seen them, so this trip was very special. Also it was my first time ever going to Vegas, How exciting! Mr. Kim really wanted to hit my first time in Vegas out of the park! So much that he took us to not one, but TWO shows. And anyone who knows me would say that I love the performing arts. Not so much performing, but watching, or participating behind the scenes. I love all the meticulous costume design work and stage design, as well as the nitty gritty of hair and makeup. Go figure, I was in two fashion shows my senior year, and directed one of them!  

As someone who is obsessed with fashion, costume, and all things sparkly, Show Stoppers really blew me out of the water! This would have been the best thing to inspire me for last years fashion line, however I think it inspired me to continue where I left off after graduating. Let me tell you, not only were the performers unbelievably talented, but the costume designers are OUTSTANDING! Mad props to those designers and all of their helpers. Those costumes are to die for and I would do anything to be a part of something like that one day.

The second night we saw a Cirque De Soleil show; Ka. I have never experienced a show like this before. MGM had the most amazing set up and their movable stage was truly magical. The performers were going in and out of isles, and swinging right over our heads. They were jumping, pushing, and falling off the stage into nothingness and I fell for every single illusion thrown at us! What brilliance there is in this performance art world. I hope to dabble in costume for shows some day soon so I can be a part of all this glorious magic. 

Besides the show fun in Vegas, the ceilings there are to die for! I spent majority of the time we wandered the strip looking up at all of the different design work and decor. This place is full of artistic vision and inspiration. I must say I was extremely surprised to see how intricate every detail was in the architecture and interior work of these places. We hopped from hotel to hotel, since Young's dad loves to move from monument to monument. Everything was so colorful and vibrant. Each hotel had its own funky vibes and color coordination, making them so different from one another. I think that is what inspired me the most. At one point I thought to myself how awesome it would be to design for these fancy hotels. I imagined how big of a team each hotel would need for all of this decor. Must be a dream job!


The art scene was pretty spectacular too! As I kept falling behind the speed walkers (Mr. and Mrs. Kim) taking photos of the ceilings, I realized it was not just the ceilings and interior design work in Vegas that I love, but all of the different artists showcasing that was happening all around me! What surrounds Young and I, as well as the entire Wynn and Encore Hotels, are sculptures by Preston Bailey. His work consists of whimsical floral sculptures, daunting in size and space. Experiencing what we are standing among in this picture was awesome, and I couldn't believe everywhere I turned there was more of it.  Including above our table at brunch!

Next up… Jeff Koons Balloons! Everytime I think of Koons I am a little sad. Jeff Koons came to MICA where I went to college to give an artist lecture and to this day I am sad I missed it. However seeing not one, but two sculpture by him in one weekend sure did cheer me up! I ran right up to find the Jeff Koons sculpture "tulips" and boy was it beautiful! I have never actually seen his work in person so it was pretty cool to come across both "Tulips" and "Popeye". Well done Steve Wynn, you have great taste in art!

 Speaking of great taste in art, I almost bumped into a Nick Cave creation. This one was a huge surprise to me. I saw it from the back in a glass box and thought to myself,  "Wow this person sure did rip Nick Cave off." Then I got closer and thought it couldn't be a copy cat, it must be a Nick Cave, and sure enough it was! It was right in front of the Chanel store and seemed to have a much calmer presence than some of his other works. It was a suit made of buttons, and I am not sure if it is one of his sound suits or not because it seemed to me like it would be pretty quiet. Regardless I was speechless, and then spent five minutes babbling on and on to Young's parents about how much I love this artist. 

Lastly, we stopped at the Bellagio to see the gorgeous blown glass of Dale Chihuly. This is when I knew I was right about the ceilings of Las Vegas! Way to go Chihuly, the beauty of your sculptures sucked me in. My neck is still soar from looking up so much!


Cheers to Vegas, and a remarkable first time! see you in January for Market!