Oh! Richard!

by Molly Sydnor

Today we checked out The Modern in Fort Worth. It was fun seeing so much familiar art that I have studied in my past. Each name gives me so many different feelings and brings up memories of my art education. I can remember where I was sitting in high school learning about the abstractions of Robert Motherwell. Or how the sculptures of Donald Judd bring me back to the many many times I studied for Modernism tests sophomore year at MICA. But most importantly Richard Serra!

We left the museum extremely satisfied with everything we had seen. As I was mulling over all of the feelings and emotions I was experiencing, from all of my distant memories of art school, I spotted a big tall steel plank above the trees. Even though it was really far away and almost completely covered by trees, I instantly knew it was the tallest Richard Serra sculpture I have ever seen in person. OH BOY! Was it ever beautiful! 

I was having such a great time with the echoing effect! I never wanted to leave, this work swallowed me up! And here is Young Chan looking so fly….

Speaking of memories, Here is the very first sculpture I saw by Richard Serra at Stanford University of California. 

When Young Chan finally dragged me out of the Richard Serra in Fort Worth, all I could think about was the experience we had visiting the Richard Serra at Standford. Young Chan and I must have spent over an hour walking in and out of this thing, stomping around, jumping around, absorbing the slight vertigo from these massive steel walls. His work is so beautiful I could cry. Looking forward to the next surprise Serra we come across! Oh Richard, you never fail to amaze me!