2015 Experimental Fashion Show: Flock Party!

by Molly Sydnor

For those of you who do not know, this is my Boyfriend Albert Young Chan Kim. My muse, dancing his butt off! Doesn't he look great in makeup?!


How do I even begin to describe this man? 

Erin Scott

Erin Scott

Young Chan has been with me since before the process of this project even began. He was there for me when the ideas first started churning, and stuck through it out till the very end AND THEN SOME! I began this project first semester Junior year at the end of my costume class. Young Chan modeled with me as well as break danced for the whole class to enjoy a laugh during the stress of finals. At first it started as my final project, but soon morfed into my next years MultiMedia Event Fashion class. In this class we put together the schools second fashion show (the first of which I was directing). This was supposed to be my side "for fun" project to distract me from my thesis, which worked out that way at first.

I had prepped Young far in advance for my fast approaching anxiety stress ball of a senior year. I was fully trying to prepare him for what I might become in the midst directing a fashion show, setting up a second fashion show, and designing for both, all the while in my senior year preparing to graduate and still trying to apply to jobs! However I was not prepared for all he would give to me in the up and coming year. Young sat with me all throughout this process. He tried on all of the garments in progress, and even danced many, many…many, many, many times on command to make sure the garments had the correct movement. He picked me up from my critiques, where the most basic of art school basic girls called my work BASIC and not innovative!

He inspired this project because of his break dancing talents. Young Chan helped find models when I had friends drop out (time and time again). He learned samba with me for our solo, and even helped to teach some of the models extra dance moves. The morning of the show I had two male models drop out and I replaced them with two females. This means I had two tops to make. As I was running around the room sewing a bra while organizing models and getting people dress, I stopped to do something else and came back to see Young Chan on the floor trying to finish hand sewing fabric onto the bra. He was s dedicated to helping me he tried to complete the last outfit. He does not sew… but he tried to just to help make my line great! When he hit the stage, he light the room! Although he was the only one to miss every que! LOL! At least now I can laugh about it. 

Heres to you Young Chan! I love you blue.