Secret Projects

by Molly Sydnor

Three art shows testing the waters of the Dallas art scene down, and many more to go! I just finished flea style this weekend which didn't go as well as I hoped for. It was rather slow and there was a TON of competition. The amount of product was extremely overwhelming, and ya'll know my senses can handle more than the average alley cat! It has been a slow start for me inching my way into this new city, but I am proud to be making! I just need to keep pushing.

Here is my current situation....

This is what my studio... I mean apartment looks like right now. This is how it has looked for a week if I am being honest. There is a surprise coming up...which I can reveal in December. Being so excited to share the great news, I will be showing sneak peaks into my studio process, which right now includes a couple yards of woven goodies. It has been all Gilmore Girls and my baby table loom this week (among tears and fits for other political reasons)! I have realistically about a month of time (not including holiday vacations) to complete this current creation. It will be quite daunting, but I have always been one for a good artistic challenge. Updates to follow... Ill keep you posted!