Flat Olivia

by Molly Sydnor

My cousin Olivia just read the book flat Stanley with her class. They sent around flat Stanley's for the kids to color and send out to someone to explore and take photos with. Olivia is a twin, and her brother sent his flat Jake to my brother and she sent hers to me! I'm pretty competitive so since my brother took his flat Jake to the art museums, (totally something I would do,) I took flat Olivia on a whirl wind of trips! 

First things first, art sessions! I was/am working on a couple of projects that flat Olivia helped with. Coasters, weavings, thank you cards! She was a big help! 

On a spontaneous idea to travel and see the white sands as well as the national Carlsbad caverns in a weekend full of long drives, flat Olivia accompanied young chan and I on an amazing nature tour! Flat Olivia saw many things on the drive along the way...

As well as the gorgeous White Sands.

And the National Carlsbad Caverns! (Caves) 

Next stop Baltimore! Flat Olivia came with me to visit my best friend, see a fashion show, and hit up the botanical gardens! Here are some of her best shots! 

My best friend Sam was supposed to have her cousins flat Stanley at the same time I was in town. Unfortunately hers got stuck in the mail and did not arrive in time. Flat Olivia did not get to meet flat Sean, but we both know they would have gotten along well!

 Next up Punta Gorda! Flat Olivia got to see the ocean, and my beautiful niece! My dad even wanted a picture with her! 

From Brookfield Wisconsin to Dallas Texas, flat Olivia was in for quite the adventure. Plus the unexpected additions of Las Cruces New Mexico, Baltimore Maryland, and Punta Gorda Florida! Before flat Olivia went back home to Wisconsin, we took a trip to the pet store and flat Olivia got a puppy. She named him Albert! 

Goodbye flat Olivia, I hope you had a great trip, we sure did!