Lets talk Inspirations!

by Molly Sydnor

With The pin show applications coming to a close very soon, I finally threw together some inspiration boards from my pintrest page! I follow a range of artists on intragram, but the ones who stand out to me most are Camille Walala, Kindah Khalidy, Goraman, Dusen Dusen, and many in between who make graphic and colorful work. These artists specifically intrigued me when my senior year was coming to a close. I already had my two fashion lines nearly complete, but had these artists in the back of my mind for my next collection! After putting together some images of their designs, I started looking at silhouettes and styles of designers like Issey Miyake, Manish Arora, Nora Raviv, Jenny Postle, and Vingi Wong. I am interested in the geometrics these designers use and their study of materials, color, and shape is astounding. After looking at the designers and comparing them with the art that inspires me, I spent a couple evenings sketching out the looks I most wanted to show.

I can only make six looks, so narrowing it down was touch. I took elements of many designers and thought about how I could combine woven fiber elements with lyrca knits. I have some amazing woven fabric from the company I work for, two bolts of light pink and orange, both somewhat translucent and fleshy. As an artist obsessed with layers, my garments will all consist of the see through woven fabric, black spandex, and possibly some vintage cotton scraps to add pops of color (besides the woven elements). I am hoping to create drapey silhouettes with vast amounts of fiber texture and weaving. Some sketches were posted last week, below. Crossing my fingers on this application!!