Fashionable Designer

by Molly Sydnor

Although Tono Santo is technically more photography than fashion.... the mood of his image on the left is DOPE! That is what I am going for... this is how I get inspired!


Since I dropped off my garments for the show, I have been dying of boredom! That being said, I have decided to attempt making my outfit for the show in semi-cohesion with my line. I already had an outfit in mind, but if I can make something better what the hell right? Here are some things from my pintrest that are currently on my mind.

Im pretty hooked on the jumpsuits right now, have been for the last two years or so... Dont think that will change anytime soon! I will probably end up wearing that or something that looks close enough to a jumper. Pants are definitely going to be a must!

I started working on a uni last night, and am struggling with the cut outs. I made two uni's both varying the size hole and both times failed. Here is a possible solution i am considering... i am obsessed with it!

Yay? Nay? I guess we will find out. Looking forward to the show... oh my its less than two weeks out! Hope you grabbed some tickets!