Secret Projects

by Molly Sydnor

Three art shows testing the waters of the Dallas art scene down, and many more to go! I just finished flea style this weekend which didn't go as well as I hoped for. It was rather slow and there was a TON of competition. The amount of product was extremely overwhelming, and ya'll know my senses can handle more than the average alley cat! It has been a slow start for me inching my way into this new city, but I am proud to be making! I just need to keep pushing.

Here is my current situation....

This is what my studio... I mean apartment looks like right now. This is how it has looked for a week if I am being honest. There is a surprise coming up...which I can reveal in December. Being so excited to share the great news, I will be showing sneak peaks into my studio process, which right now includes a couple yards of woven goodies. It has been all Gilmore Girls and my baby table loom this week (among tears and fits for other political reasons)! I have realistically about a month of time (not including holiday vacations) to complete this current creation. It will be quite daunting, but I have always been one for a good artistic challenge. Updates to follow... Ill keep you posted!

Gemma Design Boutique

by Molly Sydnor

This weekend my Partner Kerri and I are participating in the Dallas Flea Style event! We have been prepping for months and its finally here. Our booth name is Gemma Design Boutique, and we have many goodies for you, or your friends and family. Kerri makes cards, tags, bags, weavings, and pillows that compliment my work beautifully. We both have very different styles, but our color themes go well with one another. I will be selling paintings on wood, canvas, paper, and in frames, as well as weavings, and jewelry. Our booth is sure to bring happiness with a great execution of bright colors and textures.

Here is the link for more information. Flea style will be at Fair Park for the Friday preview party at 5-8 and Saturday for all from 9-6. Entry fee is $5, come ready to shop and be inspired by local Dallas talent!