Like A Girl

“You play ball like a girl” from 1993 The Sandlot portrays women as less than. The insult “like a girl” follows the often negative stereotype of women being weak, unskilled, talent-less, and not as good as their male counterparts. In this collection of work, “like a girl” is a collaboration celebrating art made by the hands of women. It brings a new meaning to like a girl, because we are! Lets take back the phrase “You BLANK like a girl”

Like A Girl is the first ever pop up show at Gilbert House. It will be a one day show put up on May 18th 2019 and taken down on May 18th 2019. All work must be collected by the end of the night and any mailed in submissions will not be returned. Please email with your submissions by April 20th to be considered for the show.

like a girl.jpg

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