Molly Sydnor 

Design Manifesto:

As a multidisciplinary artist, Sydnor strives for innovation and creativity. With a positive attitude, hard work, and focused goals, she meets challenges head on and initiates problem solving. Molly’s persistent drive and values intend to better the team and always push forward.


Since May 2015 Sydnor has been working as a textile designer and product developer in Dallas Texas. Currently she specializes in rug design for David Sutherland Perennials inc. and freelances as a pattern and print designer for Zoe Jo Studios. In her spare time, Molly helps plan events for a new local queer collective “Lady” as well as cofounded the podcast “What Are You Looking For?” She produces all of the art and writes the structures for each episode. Season one launches this summer! When Molly isnt working, freelancing, or volunteering, she continues her studio practice specializing in fibers and surface art, as well as many other mediums including drawing, painting, fashion design, weaving, and some jewelry design.  

Molly Graduated from The Maryland Institute College of Art in May 2015. She received her BFA in Fiber art concentrating in experimental fashion and photography. Sydnor is a hard working creator with versatile skills. Locally, in Dallas Sydnor’s most recent project was a pop up art show called “Like a Girl”. She curated a group show, two solo shows, and her own installation for a one day experience in her home. She has also participated in The Pin Show 2017-2018 as well as Mens Fashion Week Dallas 2017-2018. Previously at school Sydnor participated in the fashion shows at MICA from 2013-2015. Throughout the shows, Sydnor Created three very different lines of garments including lingerie, costume, and fashion that focused on surface design. From 2014-2015 she directed the school fashion show, while also creating a line for it.


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About Her Practice

Molly's medical history greatly influences her artistic practice. Sydnor was a natural born athlete, pushing the boundaries of her body. After spending many years with her neurologist and cardiologist at the Milwaukee Children’s Hospital in Wisconsin, she was diagnosed with an unknown heart disorder. This time spent with these doctors, and their nurses, technicians, residents and interns, has given Sydnor an in-depth and personal education on the imperfections of her body. Unable to continue with her sports, Molly switched to body pump and weight lifting. Today and every day, she lives with a heart arrhythmia, and an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD). 

Sydnor is a fine artist with an eye for garment based fiber art. Treating the surfaces with many old and new textile techniques, she enjoys the processes driven by hand labor. Through layering and storytelling, her work is interactive, utilizing ideas of the human experience. Molly's work is embedded with identity and body image, stimulating conversations about the complexity of race and sexuality. Influenced by not only our human anatomy and its many functions, but also how our bodies relate to ourselves and one another.