Molly Sydnor’s collection is made up of 18 different looks inspired by nine systems of the human body. Some of the systems include the circulatory system, Endocrine, Nervous, and reproduction. Systems explores themes of race and sexuality. Using the motifs from our anatomy, Sydnor reveals something not readily seen. She brings a focus to what is present by revealing our insides. Although advances have been made in society, the complexity of race is something still being figured out. Molly is interested in mixed messages in society and the blind eye that people turn towards these micro aggressions. At a certain point our race and sexuality becomes unimportant, and our similarities become relevant. Systems utilizes both fashion and costume inspired by the era of The Civil Rights Movement. This period contains many of the issues for race and sexuality especially for those of a darker skin complexion and those falling under the minority identity. Molly confronts the ideas of human evolution as seen today in a performance based on the layers of the body. By highlighting our similarities on the inside and bringing them to the outside, Molly is exploring a certain truth about the human experience. Using imagery from each unique system, Molly painted, scanned, and repeated the systems onto fabric, which was then turned into garment. She also used traditional techniques such as batik, arashi, and natural dyes to hand produce all textiles.