“There is psychology behind why people love cartoons, the more simplistic a face is and the less it looks like a person, the easier it is to insert yourself into the characters narrative.” –Elyse Lance

"Adult-Like" is a series of drawings, paintings, and digital illustrations where algorithms create new marketing strategies, and influencer culture meets our dreamlike subconscious. Pinterest’s top reposted images are those of pictures without faces so people can imagine themselves in a different setting. As children we spent time in playrooms filled with stimulation. Rugs with bright colors, wall paper with shapes and geometrics, color everywhere filling in patterns. As adults muted pallets take over and everything begins to match. Ikea furniture is accepted but critiqued harshly. In our 20's it’s tough to not feel the weird in between of childhood meeting adulthood. We begin to get excited about buying a vacuum instead of the not so long ago joy of a lava lamp or inflatable couch. In an Instagram world everyone seems to live perfect lives. Ads pop up showing 20 year old influencers in perfectly staged rooms full of greenery and #adulting atmospheres. "Adult-Like" allows viewers to picture themselves in these settings. The cartoonish figures are sketched without looking as if one is dreaming or placing themselves into the scene by memory. "Adult-Like" is a plant and pattern overloaded scene with subtle hints of childhood meeting adulthood. The subconscious playpen we wish we could escape to after a long day of #adulting.

Mixed media 8x10’s using gold foil, paint, and glitter on cardstock printed scans

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