Do You Trust Me?

Inspired by the need for a change and the sudden urge to simplify “Do You Trust Me” is a fashion collection that derived from Sydnor’s decision to shave her head. In 2011 friends told Molly to shave her head. Still being attached to hair as identity Sydnor would have never imagined doing such a thing. Years later, losing attachment to something so superficial seemed like the best way to de-stress and make a change. Women spend so much time and money on their hair. Why are women’s hair cuts way more expensive? Why are women sold products that are more expensive than men? The pink tax? Don’t women make less money… so why are they charged more? After telling many people (not asking) she was planning to shave her head about 90% of the people who urged her not to were men. After telling her best friend, his response was “I like you better with long hair!” But his opinion of her looks didn’t matter to her. That was when molly decided to turn a simple hair cut into a performance.

Photography By Najee Rashad

Since Sydnor’s best friend was the last man to tell her not to cut her hair, she decided he would be the one shaving it! The garments were made paralleling sydnors identity (black and white) as well as working from familiar silhouettes. Sydnor was simplifying her looks with a shaved head and minimal-izing her fashion aesthetics with simple colors and geometrics. The performance of cutting hair was her entrusting her best friend to not mess up! Coming full circle “Do You Trust Me” is an early quote from their friendship and in this performance Sydnor was in fact putting her trust in her friend.