On Dray

 Inspired by my brother, “On Dray” is a sustainably recycled, fashion collection. Each piece is handmade for a unique one of a kind, gender neutral look! Pride month is over-saturated with brands making rainbow colored clothing. The market has become a weird hybrid of capitalization and support for the LGBTQ+ community. If a large corporation makes pride gear are they supporting the community or using its popularity for profit? If the same companies don’t provide pride themed clothes are they against the community? These questions continue to grow as pride parades become more visible. “On Dray” offers a challenge to that. It is made by queers, and a percentage of the proceeds are donated back into the LGBTQ+ community. The clothing is made in small batches from recycled and thrifted materials in Sydnor’s studio. Some projects are custom as well as made to order.